National Hoagie Day

essay worth reading • from the Guardian Mark Lawson writes about Language-theft.

birthday boys
• 1890 –
Christopher Morley, author of among other things Parnassus on Wheels & the Haunted Bookshop
• 1903 – James Beard, author of the James Beard Cookbook

site worth seeing • for those in need . . . seems to provide inexpensive logos.

banktoaster • Prof Solomon’s 12 Principles to Finding Lost Objects.

toys • why can’t I invent a cool widget like this? The Thumb Thing.

Heads up • from Win Shaeffer:
“You don’t want to miss this months edition of the Drinking &
Writing Brewery
on WLUW 88.7 FM, 6pm, Sunday May 7th. Wow, what a show. Our featured writer this month is the great John Cheever who drank and wrote about it like nobody’s business.”

audiofiles • this week’s has pieces about The Village Voice’s 50 year b’day and about Sigmun Freud’s 150th.

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