National Honesty Day *

birthday boy • 1883 Jaroslav Hašek, Czech novelist (d. 1923)

birthday girl • 1877 Alice B. Toklas, American chain smoker (d. 1967)

old books new building •
the Boston Globe gives us a feature on London’s new idea for an ‘Idea Store’ Library. via Sam Coulbourn

porn encore • Wildly successful Alan Moore author of Watchmen and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen has been working on, Lost Girls a bluntly pornographic graphic novel.

duke by any other name • Tom Wolfe is trying to deflect comparisons between his novel “I Am Charlotte Simmons,” and any real southern university that his daughter attends which may or may not have a lacrosse team with behavior issues.

obit worth reading • John Kenneth Galbraith @ 97, NYT Obit Washington Post obit

talking head • NPR interview with crime writer Michael Connelly about his new collection of nonfiction crime stories Crime Beat.

banktoaster • apparently the marvelous legendary Mont Blanc ink refills also fit the plain & humble Bic G2 well almost. btw it makes a very fun read.

*George Washington inaugurated as first US president in 1789.

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