National Licorice Day

event • (WA) a collection of L. Frank Baum items is on display at Gonzaga University. The Beyond Oz: Highlights from the L. Frank Baum Collection of Currie Corbin exhibition runs through June 30.

an AP space filling piece about the fact that book titles have to be recycled.
Slate takes on Michiko Kakutani and her 25th year as a New York Times book critic

review • Michael Pollan’s new title the Omnivore’s Dilemma, L.A.TIMES review and even better he guests on NPR’s Fresh Air, well worth a listen.

review • High Lonesome New and Selected Stories 1966-2006 by Joyce Carol Oates

cookies • US scholar James Shapiro’s latest book – 1599: A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare – has won the Society for Theatre Research’s 2005 Theatre Book Prize.

off the rack • Freakonomics author & Harper Collins being sued for defamation by former Yale Law School researcher John Lott. Levitt wrote that other scholars have been unable to replicate Lott’s research linking lower crime rates with the right to carry guns. The passage amounts to an allegation that Lott falsified his results, according to the suit.

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