national pigs in a blanket day

smuthounds Christies Paris is knocking down a large collection of ‘naughty’ art. Images from a Christie’s catalogue are usually displayed on the internet prior to a sale but not in this case as they are anxious not to develop a reputation for peddling smut. damn they don’t have ANY sense of humor at all do they? I wonder if they will be publishing a catalog – i’d buy that!

shades of shadenfraude •
The Harvard undergraduate who got a $500K book deal while still a freshman is facing allegations that her newly published novel contains more than a half-dozen passages in which the language closely echoes a novel already published by a NJ author, including one 14-word sequence that appears in both books. I blame those folks who the publisher hired to ‘help’ her write her novel. I mean really.

super shopper • The founder of Waterstone’s made an offer of the unit from struggling books and music retailer HMV.

worth reading •
from why do people hate self-published authors? hmm because it makes us feel superior? i mean if anyone can do it – where’s the fun in that? we have to swim through a ton of shite to find anything worth investing hours of our lives reading.

event • Eudora Welty’s home will be open to the public after the May 3rd open house it will be shown by reservation only Wednesdays through Fridays at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.

banktoaster •
from Ready Made magazine’s website I clicked over to where they have a great idea for building what they are calling ‘Hungarian’ bookshelves, whatever they are, they are nifty. . . cept I have never lived anywhere with a wall that didn’t already have a bookcase on it.

banktoaster • I am always fascinated with widgets like this – Here are some from geek to live.

just in • Mori Boks has given us the heads up about
Nick Basbasnes piece ‘Bibliophiles Inside the Wire’ in the LA TIMES, about US Soldiers in Iraq’s Camp Anaconda setting up a library.

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