National Shrimp Scampi Day – who makes this stuff up?

essay worth reading • Scotch columnist Robert MacNeil says “Yes, I have a lot of books. No, you can’t borrow one.”

floating pain • moving must be going around – here’s another columnist Allen Jones who is bemoaning moving his library “The Pleasure and Pain of Owning Books

gifted • Bowdoin College acquires the Jane Webster Pearce Collection. Ms Pearce was an avid bookbinder and book arts collector bequeathed a stunning collection of fine decorative hand bindings, publications from fine presses, and artists’ books, brings with it the added distinction of increasing the size of the Library’s collection beyond one million volumes. Wells College has a sweet write up on Ms. Pearce.

new toys • ABE has taken the Google Mapping thing seriously, if you want to know where your ABE ordered books are shipping from they have started an ABE vendor map over at Frapper.

headsup • in from Win Schaeffer InkSaver which allows you to control the amount of ink that comes out on the page.

deadhorses • the Globe’s David Mehegan asks the question: “How could a publisher risk all that money on a 17-year-old who had only a bare concept and had never written a book?” and gives us the run down on Alloy Entertainment & Wm Morris’s division of Ms. Viswanathan’s spoils.

and from the LA Times – still ANOTHER piece about the book packagers effect on the young adult common market. “It’s hard to blame readers of any age for voting with their feet when they see what’s seeping toward them and realize they’re about to be ankle deep in bilge.”

talking head • an interview with Australian Pulitzer Prize winner Geraldine Brooks author of March.

blog worth seeing • while trying to reconstruct all my lovely bookmarks which got lost in the great laptop reload, I found which is a dedicated to the history and future of the codex. of particular interest is the listing of upcoming printing workshops.

review • the Guardian’s John Banville talks about Philp Roth’s new Everyman.

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