natural order

There’s a spider living on a plant hanger on the porch…i am kinda used to her being there with her web and all….the mail box beneath her web is all spotted with what i can only assume is poo or insect corpses..she’s been keeping a tidy web. No i haven’t named her charlotte but i am trying to decide if i should let her winter over in a spot which i don’t think is particularly protected from the weather…perhaps i should just move the plant hanger to a protected corner of the porch that may even still have bugs lurking in it. I know non interference with the natural order rubbish..but like captain kirk, i have never let that sort of think stop me. if i could put her in a fish bowl until spring i’d do that..and that’s not entirely out of the question either. She’s a rather large spider, perhaps a plastic tank from the dollar store. undecided at this point as i have never been sure what happened to spiders over winter anyway.

Laurel has a new home…a friend of a’s all good….she’s queen of her new home, they have a fenced yard and no other pets and they live closer to Laurel’s boyfriend Max the Wolf Hybrid. I took her to visit Max last week…and the two of them played tag and wrestled for almost an hour until Max got tired…Laurel had to run around the house a few more times before she collapsed in exhausted bliss…no way was she going to get that kind of exercise living in my house. I am sure i will get to see her from time to time but that’s the object of the game, catch and release you know…. first Goliath now Laurel…if i could move a few cats i’d be in great shape.

On the Rail Trail front my spies tell me that the MBTA will be sending the document that we have been waiting for to get the show on the road. I try to describe the guys running my town…they aren’t the kids who did their homework the night before..these are the kids who did it on the bus to school in the morning. Day late and dollar short doesn’t begin to cover it. For the last two years they have treated the project like it’s an annoyance and now that i have been chasing their heels like a jack russell after rats they have been trying to cover up their laziness in a big hurry. I don’t know how much of the year is left for trail construction, it all depends on the weather and the developer’s schedule…but it’s a start. If i can get the train up and running there is a slim chance in hell i can find steady work advocating trails outside of my own damn trail.

Speaking of trails, i was a local tour guide for some engineering students up to do some drawings on potential uses for the Lawrence section of the trail. We walked the mile through the city, and saw some pretty spectacular garbage piles and what not a LOT of not…. there’s even a section underwater. That trail could use a serious redevelopment.  Picture this…six very tall twenty somethings a thirty something and your’s truly who’s up close and personal with 50. i think i manage to hold my own…though i did draw the line at wandering out onto train bridge  i still have a fear or heights.

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