naughty librarians

idiot alert • Librarians discovered that Volume one of three of History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England by Edward Hyde, First Earl of Clarendon, published in Dublin, Ireland 1719 was missing as they were preparing for this year’s book sale. Library Director Kehler said it is possible the book was misplaced, but more likely it was inadvertently sold during last spring’s sale.

naughty, idiot, whatever – I couldn’t decide. Either these folks are in serious denial that someone lifted this book OR they were stupid enough to actually toss this onto a library sale table. If you believe that A. it will come back and B. it was bought completely innocently – I have a bridge and some swamp land for you. Do people actually still believe other people are inherently well meaning and good? Cause last time I checked we were breeding a race of Viagra popping, money grubbing narcissists and the more of them I meet, the more I like my cats.

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