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2014-02-28 16.45.42Yesterday I took another trip to Maine. I left at 8:30 thinking i could get up there nice and early to have time to myself. But it was so cold in the truck, I could see my breath, not just in the air, but when it hit the windshield and froze there. I could hear Odetta muttering in her carrier, under my extra sweatshirt and the thick stadium blanket. It was beyond time for her to go to her fur-ever home in Maine and for once it wasn’t snowing. I stopped at the Mechanic to see if there was anything to be done, after an hour and half it had a new thermostat and a flushed radiator. The improvements managed to get it warm enough not to freeze my toes, but it was never so warm that I felt toasty. I wasn’t worried about taking the truck out on the highway, but while installing Miss Odetta in her new digs, i did manage to get a parking ticket. Headache to a drowning man, eh? But she’s got a happy little family now. totally worth it.


I had lunch with Kirsten in Portland who happens to know a thing or two about book promotion and she gave me a good clap on the ears for not doing right by the books i have already published. And here i was feeling bad about dragging my feet on creating new ones. That at least gives me something non house releated to feel bad about not doing. Her instructions are to flog the Mattie Jackson book to the Lawrence School Department and get off my ass blogging about the actual books, so that the googlebots have something to read. I put a pin in that for the moment. All i need is a school department ordering 500 copies of a book, with a 30 day purchase order. I live in a catch-22 universe right now – i can’t even send out free copies without taking out a loan.

athenaI did NOT drive by the Saco house on my way home. I could have, I passed through the town. But i resisted, i didn’t want to see footprints in the snow or evidence of shoveling by the meters or something and then have my brain go off on a tangent…like it just did. But I did fall off the wagon otherwise… I dropped into an antiques coop with nothing in particular on my mind, totally the wrong move, basically i was looking for trouble. I can say that the browsing relaxes me as it always does, that’s really the part I enjoy. I don’t really want to own and store all the crap by product of the browsing, so it is easy to talk myself out of buying things… because there is nothing i actually NEED.

Since I was researching transferware i was distracted by anything of that ilk…and off season is when all the antique booths have their 20-50% sales… i had intending to buy absolutely nothing at all and not needing anything under the sun, and thus i BOUGHT a platter. Grindley’s Athena pattern 1890s aesthetic movement -$12. It’s ginourmous and I like it, but alas it breaks my rule about buying things for a house I don’t have, with money i shouldn’t spend. As soon as the two halves of brain have finished arguing about it, I will put it on ebay so i can sell it and pay for the parking ticket and probably yesterday’s gas as well. That doesn’t mean it will sell quickly, there’s a few pieces of Athena ON there now…if i HAD the house already it would be a totally different

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argument inside my head. I’d be buying the matching pieces OFF ebay to match the platter.

I just can’t resist the urge to MATCH THINGS, it’s something i have not been able to beat into submission. If i want to stop collecting something i have to get rid of everything that even reminds me of it. If i have a singular piece i am always trolling for matching pieces. Even picking out unfinished furniture to replace the furniture i don’t have, i can’t stand the idea of mixing it up with finished furniture in the same room. It just makes my brain boil. I have been trying to embrace the whole wabi-sabi thing of embracing imperfections, but it is a struggle. One I really need to get over, something tells me what ever new abode i will have will be nothing but imperfections.

The image above is from the stall in the antique shop. I havent actually seen graffiti like that in decades.

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