neck deep in the Spicket River

Not a really ‘great’ shot, but seriously not bad for sticking my camera lens through a fence. I was getting a good look at part of the Spicket River I haven’t been in yet. When the water was lower you could see a shitload of oil drums, tires and all sorts of crap. That is really a shame, it is a really nice and peaceful river. If you look you can see a little bit of a weir damn right above the Broadway bridge. I used to be worried about putting the boat in near a damn…but usually the current isn’t much of an impediment.  there’s also a bunch of dead trees in it, and a lot of trash on the edges.  I am hoping that after the March flooding a lot of that will wash away.  The river is a little self cleaning in that regard.

I am trying to round up some local yokels who may give a damn about the river…but alas, there’s just me and a guy over the border.  But hey give me some time, I have only been at this a few months.  It’s taken over 2 years to get anywhere with the Rail Trail project.

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