needless things

No I didn’t NEED another film camera…though I did sell one recently which brought my total down to three i think….perhaps i was out of balance….whatever…i saw one of these at a vintage camera show a few months back and have been jonesing about it ever since.

It’s waterproof..down to 16 feet….since i don’t swim willingly that won’t be a problem. I just wanted a camera I can take in the river and not have to worry about, I can leave it with the rowing gear all the time…or mostly i think i wanted it because it was yellow – like my floating binoculars….besides it was only ten bucks on eBay.

No, film is not dead, it’s just in the hands of folks who know what to do with it. I still say my best pictures are the ones I take with film- they need forthought and planning and have a richness I haven’t been able to get with my $150 -it’s-not-that-bad-if-I-drop-it-over-a-railing digital cameras. Maybe one day when I have a very expensive DSLR I will let go of film entirely, but I don’t see me getting one of those unless I mug someone at the camera club…..< thinking…thinking…nevermind…>

I usually start buying myself christmas presents about this time of the year…it probably harkens back to never getting what i wanted for christmas…or getting those ‘combined’ christmas birthday gifts where you never actually make out…i dunno, maybe its cause i’m spoiled…hey i SAID it was 10 bucks…i DO have some remnants of self restraint you know.

What? i know i’m an atheist,  i used the SMALL ‘c’ on christmas didn’t I?

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