screen story

steve1 Just when i swore off using the A/Cs I had a little adventure that kinda made them mandatory. One of the wooden screens on the porch fell out of its frame the other night…i didn’t notice it until 8 cats had escaped. I had to seal the house and turn on the a/cs. I think the heat made the wood shrink and it just fell out of the brick frame, so there i am trying to drive nails into brick at 2am.) I have been set traps baited with roast chicken to lure the last five gadabouts. They aren’t trying to escape they just think this is a grand adventure; they know where the can opener lives and won’t go all that far. The cats that are missing are ones I shouldn’t have still had here anyway. They should have gone to the sanctuary but I was waiting for kitten season to slack off. I figured I could wait…dumb.

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