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not even gonna apologize..i’m busy…for some reason i seem to have a lot of energy to put into this project…SicPress is actually living up to its name. I am working on it, nearly to the exclusion of all my other jobs. I need to get out today and take some photos for the rail trail construction..and i need to reorder some products and do a serious inventory for the book repair business. by the time i got the laundry done this week i twas mountainous…but I keep coming back to this research. I sent the Wadsworth here to press and I am waiting for a proof…i still need to take a look at the Indexing..which means learn how to index as well as possible and as fast as possible. These old histories only need a cursory index…proper names and such..but still it would be nice if I didn’t look a fool.
I figure ‘research’ is looking at old material with new eyes. I had made this cover for the Vox Populi edition that i was tickled about …and I opened the box yesterday to all the shiny books and started reading the actually article ON the cover of the Vox. Turns out that ‘The New England Factory Girl’ (1848) is a three part short story about a 15 year old girl who leaves her home to work in the Lowell Mills to pay for her brother’s college. That’s as far as I got in my transcribing, i am not reading ahead. Anyway, i googled it and didn’t find an immediate evidence of it being reprinted…and there’s plenty of text to produce a small volume so into the queue of books I am publishing it went. Actually it went on top of the pile. Along with the Elizabeth Phelps short story about the 10th of January 1860, a story of a mill girl who..spoiler…dies in the Fall of the Pemberton Mill…for those who don’t read that much 19th century history the Pemberton Mill was the 911 of the industrial age. an entire building at the height of it’s production collapsed and killed about 100 people and wounded a lot more. Don’t worry the mill owners actually MADE money on the insurance and it was back in production within a year or so.

There seems to be a never ending source of material for me to long as i am not looking to get rich…this is so NOT a profitable enterprise..but i have hopes…if i keep in the narrow one of locally appealing titles…history or stories then i can flog them through local venues like the library or the museum stores. Perhaps once i have enough I can do tables at events and give my credit card iphone swipe attachment a work out. THEN i would pull i some cash. Anyhow my hope is that like the Book Repair Book generates a little cash whether i work on it or not. passive money…i gotta start planning for my old age..which should be any time now.
I’m trying to not to start working on more than three titles at a time. One going into the printing phase..which takes time…resubmitting over and over getting the kinks out…one getting edited and indexed..and one at the beginning of the process which involves a lot of transcription. The 1st three books I did were just reproductions, now i am working with ones i have actually typed and i am going to need to hire an editor to watch for my mistakes..which I am famous for. my goal is 12-15 titles done by June for the reopening of the museum and the special collections librarian wants to throw her weight in promoting the series. who knows in could generate a chunk of change over time. I will push on this project like crazy until the Season Affective Disorder kicks in this year…then i can throttle back to ONE new title a month or so.


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