New feature – curious finds

Hawaiian Post card album – found this at the salvation army today….I was there picking out my new spring wardrobe. Instead I ended up with 2 throw pillows a desk lamp, the album and the monkey.

It’s about 9½”x7″ and has 10 leaves, room for 20 postcards or photos. The most curious thing is board covering: the green part are large leaves, and the beige part is covered with something that looks like corn husks. the buttons, twine, etc . . . are all natural fibres. I am surprised at the condition, though it wouldn’t take too much to cause a problem with the front hinge. I am wondering, if I should add moisture, like steam or add oil, like a leather treatment, or is my best bet to polybag it and hope for the best? I am guessing it is late 60s to late 70s, but i am not up on my Hawaiianania.

Well so much for my guesses…appparently this is not an uncommon item, as they are still cranking them out in Indonesia. but i still think it’s wicked cool.


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