new shit for old

photo (7)Status update…same shit different delay…. Himself must have stopped credit checking the locals, cause he rented Apartments #3 and #6  in record time to folks obviously fleeing Lawrence. Now the Broker ladies have their nose to the grindstone figuring out the listing price.

To celebrate I released the TNR cats and got the cage out of the living room and went back to cleaning the joint for company again.  The baby changing tables are cat filing cabinets. 

I feel i have to keep explaining to folks that i did indeed HAVE more furniture once upon a time. Once upon a time i had a house of my own..well mostly the bank’s own and half in my exes name but you get the idea. When i moved in, i was making outside money, yeah post divorce i was a cashier in a supermarket  while selling antiquarian books at a very good clip…. back in 2001….back when the internet was young.  But once i realized i was trapped in this Hobbit hole, the things in it just kept getting in the way.  It was a bitch to keep the upholstered furniture clean when half the time i was using it to sort books.   Sending the oriental rugs out to get cleaned once a year didn’t help my allergies or my pocket book.

Losing my erzat grandmother and my mother and having to get bring in a lot of their shit and then get rid of that, i just kept going getting rid of more and more of my own shit.  I still have to move things to get to other things, but there are fewer things in general.   As I said to the broker ladies, Stuff is just Stuff, i want to be an IKEA girl now. I want stuff that is clean white and meaningless.   Stuff I can break into itty bitty pieces and put in a trash back when it gets in my way one too many times.


Slowly my living room is filling with cardboard boxes with just my very best stuff…best being subjective here.. If i had not made the decision to move I was going to get rid of even more stuff, i was going to cull more of my cookbooks and certainly more of my dvds, and those work tables would be in the basement where they are supposed to be.

The end goal now is to move someplace with a couple more rooms, I’m handing out reprieves.  I have even started tagging more shit to buy so my old shit doesn’t feel lonely when i get there.

The other day i mentioned how annoyed i was that now i have to buy crap like curtains and carpets all over again, and someone said ‘isn’t that exciting?’ no!  its not fucking exciiting, its fucking annoying.  Do you know how much carpets and curtains COST?  Good thing i will have some cats, because with cats  you ain’t got need for carpets and curtains.

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