new sugru

I finally got the replacement package of Sugru of course i still haven’t found the original package. It is somewhere obvious, i will stumble on it someplace.

Meanwhile I need to fix this broken knob on the speed toggle of the mixer before i put it away. seems like the perfect use of the product. If i didn’t fix it while i was thinking about it, i would forget and then next time i pull it out..i will have forgotten about the Sugru.

Considering how much these KitchenAid’s cost FIXING it it well worth the investment of $20 bucks spent for the package. I’m big on fixing things i think if you break down all the crap in my house it was probably all originally purchased to fix something else.
So I made a lump the same size as the knob on the other side. But I preferred my design to the original. The directions say to let it cure for 24 hours then it should be solid.

And JUST so we all KNOW …i put the rest of the package CLIPPED to the back of the kitchen door with the flashlights and electrical tape.

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