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I have had a couple of suck days . . . you know the ones where the hours slip through your fingers against your will and you keep trying to grab them back. Yeah that’s the kind.

The only thing that made me feel better was cranking out 2 more videos . . . seems to be relaxing.

The first one is on how to make a strop . . . that’s a leather dohicky that takes the burrs off your knife edge and makes it razor sharp. This is an item one makes rather than buys.

VIDEO: How to make a Strop • Using very few materials, you can construct your own strop to keep your knives sharp.

and the other is me replacing one ribbon on a Moleskine Journal with four. This method is completely transmutable to replacing ribbons on any book, I was just catering to the Moleskine junkies to get some hits over on which could use them.

VIDEO: How to replace ribbons on a Moleskine • or any other book, bible or journal.

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