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I just spent 7.50 plus shipping for 6 pencils. Yeah, I know, I know, ask me six months ago if I would have done that, I’d have laughed too. Recently, I have been exploring the internet cults for such things as Moleskine Notebooks of which I now have five, and Lamy fountain pens, of which I now have two – and I recently read a head to head comparison of six high quality wooden pencils and got an overwhelming urge to try the winner, The Palomino.

I don’t know whether ‘resurgence’ is the appropriate word to describe the all the webspace dedicated to sharing personal notebook and journal pages, or comparing inks and witing tools. For all I know people may have always been THIS passionate about documenting ever late night latté. Perhaps the internet has finally given them an outlet for sharing the results, or perhaps it’s a backlash fom the electronification of every aspect of our lives. I sense that the passion for notebooks, and journaling evidenced on the internet, indicates that paper and ink is in no danger of dying out.

Though I never understood owning a pen I’d be afraid to loose. I do get terrible finger cramps from extended penmanship, and my writing is illegible at the best of times, I figured trying a relatively inexpensive ( I did say ‘relatively’) fountain pen could alleviate the problem. And it did – so I HAD to buy a medium nib as well – and some ‘bulletproof’ Noodler’s Brand ink, of course. I suppose, I can no longer laugh at the ‘fountain-pen’ fetishists of the world.

Perhaps I am easily swayed or just have an addictive personality, but the way such ephemeral things are described on personal webpages makes me want try to I find the same joy in them that others have. And they really ARE great pencils.

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