Newspaper Carrier Day

birthdays •
1896 – Antonin Artaud, French playwright(d. 1948)
1905 – Mary Renault, English novelist (d. 1983)
1908 – American writer (d. 1960)
1924 – Joan Aiken, English writer (d. 2004)

unmasked • Author of a three-volume work devoted to Betjeman, Bevis Hillier has admitted creating the bogus love letter sent to A N. Wilson because he was annoyed about the advance fanfare Wilson’s book on Betjeman was receiving. via Clive @ Keeble Antiques

something new • from the Times Online Frederick Brown’s Flaubert: A biography.

something else new •from The New York Times a review of The Book Club Companion: A Comprehensive Guide to the Reading Group Experience by Diana Loevy

worth reading •
an essay by Lakshmi Chaudhry “Why Hemingway Is Chick-Lit”

obit of note • Australian children’s book author Colin Thiele at 85, author of Storm Boy

naughty naughty but clever • Astronomicum Caesareum (1532) by Petrus Apianus, worth about €30,000, was stolen from an exhibition at Peuerbach Castle in Upper Austria, but the crime went unnoticed for days because the thieves left in its place a double page of illustrations glued into the cover of another book.

banktoaster • from PigPog Fountain Pen Maintenance and Repairs

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