Can someone tell me WHY people keep asking me to sell my truck? don’t get me wrong, if i thought i’d get enough to buy a NEW truck…or a less old truck, I would sell in a heartbeat, but basically an old truck is an old truck.

Perhaps they think i am driving this because i choose to, not because i have to. Granted there are many benefits to driving an old red truck. 1 you are fearless no one wants to hit you or be hit by you…they will lose. 2 insurance is actually affordable, because if you get hit you will probably be totalled and after all it is an old truck, you can park in the loading zones – if you weren’t delivering something why else would you be there? and  4  a beat up pickup truck is basically the little red flyer of your childhood. You can carry anything that fits….dog houses, outhouses, logs, hogs, whatnot. Personally I treat it like a very large purse….and when I am cruising around and i see something i like on the side of the road, I sidle up and toss it in the back and examine it later. I got my best reading chair and side table that way…psst …you gotta cruise the well off neighborhoods on trash night.

Anyway, this is the third offer of truckamony I have had in the last 4 if i had that many invitations for a date, i’d be happy.

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