NHABA Book Fair

I was scheduled to set up at the Concord NH fair…i was even listed on the map…but alas that was before my Chevy truck decide to shit the bed. Instead all I got to do was hitch a ride with Coelacanth Books. We didn’t get up there until late in the day, as the traffic was absolutely INSANE. I have NO idea where all these folks are going on a Sunday afternoon, perhaps all taking their cash for clunker booty for a shakedown. The afternoon was slow as i was told the beginning of the day was the same. I am only half glad I couldn’t attend. It’s nice to set up and shoot the breeze, customers or no customers, but the temperature was unbearable to me, and I expect if I had to sit there all day and brooding over lack of sales, I’d have probably hit someone with a bookend by end of the day. I take my hat off to the dealers who came, if i wore a hat…don’t have the head for it. The book selection had nice assortment of good to best items, but not heavy on the sale items..you know the things people like me can afford…but i did manage to find a couple of things to take home. Home Taxidermy for Pleasure and Profit…that i bought for the title alone…i kinda had to.

Jim Visbeck at Isaiah Thomas Books had this thing that i want in the worst possible way…have no use for it, but damn it’s cool. It’s a portable desk from 1904 designed for chalk work. Dear Santa…..

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