no excuses

That’s the name of the spay/neuter clinic with the rescue group sponsors. We only pull it off one Monday out of every two, but it’s quite ‘busy’ and our generous vet takes only a fraction of what she could make elsewhere. Lacking any medical knowledge, I show up to herd cats and wash floors. Just a hint at what my day was like yesterday, and that was after I took my mother for a routine cat scan. Not that I mind doing it, I’d just wish I hadn’t been called into pinch drive, 10 minutes before the appointment, when the truck was still inconveniently loaded with 15 cages… Well that’s a lie, I do mind, as my mother still combines the memory of a gold fish with the temperament of a billy goat. I am trying to find it charming, and respond with equal nonsense if only to the amuse bystanders – every corridor and elevator presenting a new opportunity for performance art.

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