no flying fish for you

merrimack1Tuesday I spent doing mostly Census stuff……and you thought I was just sitting around scooping cat litter…nope, the US GOV decided to give me another shot at counting humans in their natural habitat. Which incidentally caused my creditors to shudder with glee. And in the middle of the this dark crappy rainy day I get a call from a buddy who says, you gotta be at the river at 2:30 they are gonna restock the salmon….. which they shoot out of a hose from a truck into the river…or so they tell me, I sat down there for over an hour and no truck hence no fish, very underwhelming. Just three local media types, a cormorant, a couple of robins and several of the inebriated indigenous population waiting for a truck of fishlets that never arrived…why do I feel like were were in a Ionesco play and no one told me?

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