no soup for you!

I guess I took the weekend off, I didn’t actually plan that. . . after the few interviews I had last week, the panic attacks set in – Job interviewing is way too much like dating, everyone says how great you are, they had a lovely time, “lets keep in touch” and then they never do – only without the sex…well sometimes.

The panic attacks manifest themselves as work overdrive. I processed a few batches books and several hundred postage stamps for ebay, I worked on the other 2 blogs and did a great deal of the heavy lifting for my other websites. All of that without benefit of Redbull.

Yes I read the content analysis that is virusing its way through the blogosphere, but you are talking to someone who recently switch from little powdered donuts to handfuls of blue M&Ms, I don’t think a little meat sugar and bile will even go noticed in my system. But the damn stuff costs too much – also off the menu is my White Port, working my way down the food chain, I may have to switch back to tap water disguised as iced tea.

Speaking of bile. Remember when I told you how to ship books? Well someone out there wasn’t listening, I will say it again for those in the cheap seats, see pictured? expensive book wrapped in grocery bag and stuffed into a manila envelope? well this…this is BAADDDD.. bad bookseller! Naughty bookseller! turn in your keyboard.

Books need PADDING- corners and sides, this is not optional.

Go now and sin no more…..or else.

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