No, there is too much. Let me sum up –

After all these years I took my longest break ever from this website….too many bad things were happening to me …and are still happening…and writing about them only made them worse instead of better. The editing job blew up in my face, and it took me AGES to get paid half of what I was owed for all the work I did… There was a huge flood in the basement that killed the drier and a lot of other things…. and then I got bitten by a friends cat and it went very very badly and I got the medical bills to prove it…the website got all virus infected…all the investment in my online business has not paid for itself, so I am exactly as broke as I was before I sold the Methuen house..and now I am in the middle of the summer doldrums where no one buys anything…all very familiar territory.

On the bright side I am writing a new book…I kinda of had to, if i didn’t find SOMETHING to do with my brain I was going to off myself and … there was a couple of low blood sugar days there when that was no joke. I am not sure if writing the blog again will suck up all my creativity, or if i am just writing this post to avoid writing something else. Who knows? let see where it goes.

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