normal is a setting on a washing machine

Back to my regularly scheduled life, packing and shipping orders, reordering sold merchandise then swallowing the panic attack that follows right along afterwards. I still don’t make enough money to pay any bills, that mind you still hang around my neck like a pair of Tiberian bats (that’s a Star Trek reference – don’t ask) Perhaps quitting that shite job was a mistake, but if I hadn’t I’d either killed myself or someone else by today, so it’s all in how you look at it.

I didn’t hear from the other job I interviewed for last week….the one I REALLY wanted….oh well…their loss. I did hear from one of the bill collectors, they like to wake me up in the mornings, it’s rather sweet of them, but then they start in screaming at me like Lee Ermy. – oh SURE they HAVE jobs – the swine.

I did manage to throw up some ebay listings today – the few nice books I have left and some bulk postage stamp lots (the damn things just sit in my kitchen mocking me, so i may as well TRY to get rid of them) Then I lined up some new vendors for products that I can’t afford to buy – ho hum, I really need to get a tattoo that says ‘Same Shit Different Day’ – perhaps across my forehead.

I did make it to the Concord Book Fair yesterday, albeit with a borrowed $20 bill burning a hole in my pocket. I am cleaning up the pictures I will post shortly. This new camera seems to have a ‘hot’ flash, which tends to overexpose.

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