not quite camera ready

Kitchen#14bI got an email on Monday while i was working my volunteer day at the clinic….the Broker wants to shoot pictures of my house AND my apartment on Thursday…this THURSDAY..yeah..well that wasn’t gonna happen….my apartment is about the size of good size doublewide…the physics just didn’t work. So tuesday was a big of backbreaker….i agreed to shoot the bath, kitchen and bedroom myself, because i can set up the shot and then put everything back. ….it’s not like i want anyone to see how i ACTUALLY live, usually bumping into the funiture and stepping over power cables. I did manage to clean lots of things that wouldn’t been seen in the photo, but then i also shoved a lot of stuff into a lot of cupboards that really don’t deserve it.

Kitchen#14cTo be fair it doesnt’ look vastly different day to day…but there just isn’t enough closet space to hide everything properly…real life isn’t like in the magazines. All the years of divesting have paid off, I am in the habit of putting away my toys because of my roommates..but i like to hang things from doors….so i had to find a new home for my Community Emergency Response backpack, as well as camera bags and first aid kits etc.. It is all motivating me to get back to packing things… but starting with the stuff that’s in storage already. To be honest, i probably will divest more of the stuff once i move, but i’d rather take things with me and then decided later. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

The bedroom image is completely false…in winter i pull the bed away from the outside wall everynight so that my head is jammed against the dressser…i can still feel the draft, though i have the windows siliconed shut..but it’s the casements i don’t have much control over. the diamond paned ‘transom’ windows i have put insulation over to keep out the summer heat. and it works in the other direction as well. I also had to do a bit of photoshopping on the small dresser under the 18 year old television… i had start stripping the paint off to see what it was…and now i have to live with it scabby until i move locations. It was either cover it with real paint or photoshop paint. I had the kittens cage out of the room for the shot…they are only in the cage to eat sleep and use the facilities these days, they are almost ready to leave the nest. I will still continue to foster and rescue when i move…i can’t get away from just can’t be ALL i do.


I dread having the broker over tomorrow… i am not sure its going happen…they are still waiting for himself and mrs himself to get their shit together…they are ignoring her emails and my texts. They need to break the news to the tenants and give over keys to the locks they have changed. I have keys to everything they haven’t changed. I said fuck it, i told the tenants that have been here the longest, i just don’t know the other people. It would be better for me, if it was NEXt thursday, but then i just have to get the house sold. I am sick of planning i need to be DOING. Back to work…there’s no way to HIDE 30 boxes of books..they are going to be in the living room photos.

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