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The dimensions of the Mini-Bookshop are as follows, 6ft x 4.75 inches in height 4ft x 7inch in width and 2ft x 5.5inch in depth. It will vend the top 20-24 new and bestselling titles, e.g. JK Rowling, Dan Brown etc and can hold up to 290 books. 19 slots capable of holding 10 each and 5 capable of holding 20.

The Mini Bookshop has been custom built to vend books of a variety of sizes e.g. Hardbacks, trade paperbacks, A format, B format, paperbacks and all sizes of maps and travel guides.

The machine has an LCD screen on the front which enables any customer to read a synopsis of any of the books available in the machine. It is also capable of playing movie tie-ins, adverts for products, publisher information, author clips, etc.

The machine accepts notes, coins and credit cards giving easy accessibility to all customers. The credit card system installed on the machine is chip and pin which is operated via a satellite GPRS modem. This means that there is no need for a telephone line. Chip and Pins systems are now required under E.U. law with all credit card ports.

The machine runs on Windows XP operating system, with a very user friendly software interface. Image of book covers, synopsis of the book, movie tie-ins and other information saved as either jpeg or mpeg files can be transferred to the machine via CD rom.

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