2015-01-04 08.28.03I fucked with the natural order of things. HA! Squirrels surprisingly don’t SHARE. They always eat one at a time, in more or less a pecking order. One chases away another one, then the 1st once comes back when the other one has eaten his fill..unless of course still yet another one comes along and chases the second one away. Since they all look squirrels, some a little larger or smaller, it’s hard to tell what their pecking order is, I can only guess it’s MALEs, then females, older to younger. But regardless…i finally have them eating TOGETHER… well as together as i have ever seen. I guess they have figured out that there is ALWAYS food at Casa de’Gato…so they don’t have to hoard it all… i think the miserable weather had a calming effect, it was too much work to chase each other away. So four squirrels were feasting away on the bit I put on the ground when I OVER filled the feeder today.

2015-01-04 08.18.36All 5 or 6 of the Bluejays came by to steal peanuts, the Female cardinal made an appearance though I am sure he was around someplace. the juncos, and white throated sparrows paid a call when everyone else had moved on. But we had some new guests on CAT TV, three mourning doves paid a call. I don’t know if they will hang around and make it up into the feeder, but I always make a point of spilling enough. I’m gonna have a hell of a compost pile under there come spring. I guess I will have to plant something there, that no one wants to eat. I know I over feed, most people put out feeders for the tiny little birds and make elaborate barricades against blue jays and squirrels and such…but they are the mainstay of CAT TV. Right now only cats that don’t mind the cold will watch it for more than a few minutes, but I expect come spring…and i will be feeding a little less in good weather…that nearly all the cats will be parked out on the porch waiting for a glimpse of the squirrels.

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