oars in the water

316lYZwacDL._SX385_ I spent most of last week and all the weekend with about $4 in the bank. After blowing a huge wad on gas money to get to that training class for three days, i didn’t even have enough to fix the flat tire…..luckily monday morning brought the 1st installment from Uncle Census. 1st thing i did was get the tire fixed which didn’t cost me anything in the end, cause i convinced them i had bought the tire there….well i actually thought i did until my mechanic told me otherwise….so after i got flush i was able to tool around and clock some hours for the Census, which means i had to continue to ditch substituting jobs..well after last friday it was easy, last friday was awful..no more 7th grade, the horror, the horror…as i suspected the calls are coming more often, end of the year teachers have to take their personal days cause they don’t rollover…but the way census hours work…it’s a ski slope, you start off hot and heavy and then as the cases close it peters off…so i am kinda forced to decide which job to ditch and when…i am taking a substitute day tomorrow since i have done three census days in a row..and i am going to do it on the weekend too.

A few orders including a wholesale one has put me in the black for a few minutes, but it is draining away at a steady rate.  Pay this one, pay that one… the universe knows when you have a positive balance, and everyone wants paying at the same time.   I fantasize about getting even with the utilities before the end of the summer…i also fantasize about a new computer monitor that doesn’t make me feel like i am reading through a paper towel tube.  But i have to keep that to myself because the 500 pound gorilla tv will feel left out and want replacing as well…not to mention the camera that shit the bed two months ago.

I haven’t had a steady-steady income in a very long time, mine is like a oscilliscope going from broke to flush and back again.  In  20 years i have never quite figured it out.  It seems i am less stressed when i am broke, because i don’t have to decide whom to pay or what to replace.   But  I am missing my drier more every year though.

skyI did a lot of miles today and it was soo beautiful outside.   And the best canoeing river in the state looked awesome…from the cab of my truck.  I had been trying NOT to piss the new money away on anything that wasn’t vital, but I broke.  I bought replacement oars for the Jon Boat….without them i can’t go in the Spicket. and I really need to.  If i don’t get out into the river and away from crap, i’m gonna kill someone.  Not necessarily myself, i have ot of choices these days.

New England doesn’t get a lot of nice days a year..not like San Diego or something where they serve them up with a dump truck, here they are dispensed with an eye dropper.  If we  don’t appeciate the ones we get, we will get fewer next year.

So I bought the oars, and ordered the oarlocks which i have to drill holes in the oars and figure out how to install. i probably should take the boat out of the garage. right?





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