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findingmoneycoverOkay so why did I publish this? certainly not to make money…of the .99 cents I get .35 and so far I have sold 6 copies and I bought one of them.  It’s not like I am a low rent Suze Ormand, but doing things is how I absorb data.  I can read about how to do something endlessly but I won’t learn nothing until I try to actually try to DO it.  I wanted to figure out the whole publishing to Kindle thing. So, I went through my notes from the last few decades of living hand to mouth and put together a list of things to share with people who are NEW to the whole living hand to mouth thing. Don’t laugh, I am constantly surprised to see people make really beginner mistakes,  every time I go to the supermarket it makes me scream…now I can’t go back to that supermarket…..i digress…What I learned…well you can’t make ‘MONEY’ from writing .99 books, but from what I read on the kindle forums, it is rumored that you can make ‘money’ from them, hopefully more than two bucks.

I walked through all the bits and pieces of setting up the formatting so it didn’t look like shite. Kindle isn’t fond of complicated formatting, well it’s not fond of a lot of things, but it does like internal linking, especially contents and indexes.  I not only got to review WordPress TOC and Indexing utilities, I had to make them all active links…tedious but fun –I’m a geek I have a weird sense of fun. Oh yeah, even if its a black and white ebook with no photos, you still have to design a cover.

Other things I learned is that Amazon cares fuckall about promoting your kindle book, or anyone else’s for that matter. To be fair the Big A does make it easier to promote a Kindlized version of a ‘real’ book, but if you pub an e-only book, prepare to start banging your own rocks together guys.  And exposure within the Kindle listings depends on how many people you can get to rate your book…correction rate your book well.

Most of the penny seller kindle people seem to be looking forward to June when the MacMillan inspired deal kicks in. To encourage folks to produce more substantial Kindle-work, 2.99 to 9.99 ebooks will yield 70% royalty. Expect to see a lot of the .99 cents books squished together to become 2.99 anthologies; cause I can tell you from personal experience 2.00 is better than 35 cents.

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