oh dry up

after one good batch of dried apple chips and one bad batch, I successfully dried a couple of tomatoes..and now they are swimming in olive oil.

I have another batch of tomatoes in the dehydrator and i bought some more apples to figure out where i went wrong.

Basically I am trying to recreate some of my favorite things, so i won’t feel so broke.

I need to get back on track but i went a little whacky storing food this week…perhaps i have been possessed by a chipmunk…winter is coming..i started sealing up the windows..i have 2 left to seal…i haven’t turned on the heat…i’m terrified to owe the gas company anymore money.

Meanwhile someone gave me a wonderful gift of a Kindle Fire…i was of course embarrassed, thrilled and grateful…it doesn’t do everything my iphone does, but it certainly does a lot of it…and the screen is bigger..so my eyes are delighted.  From what i can see the apps available are limited and more expensive so i am sticking with as much as i can get for .99 or less.  take THAT amazon. i will report on it when i can teach it some tricks.





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