oh for fuck’s sake


i’d like to blame all my troubles on the heat, but i really can’t. when the 90+ heat settled over the land. my only choice was to hide in the house for days on end. when i did go out to clock some census hours. i became violently ill and i couldn’t find a dunkin donuts restroom fast enough. So, not only was i not making any money, but things started demanding repair at an alarming rate. my clothes and linens were not drying fast enough on the line before mildew would set in, so after 3 years i paid to have the dryer fixed – $114. The damn thing had not worked since my brother changed the gas line over.

Next to die on me was the big 10k btu A/C, that has really been all i had needed for the apartment for many years, but it saw the heat coming and bailed on me. i made it through last week taking so many showers i gave myself swimmers ear. carrying a box fan from room to room was my only defense until i dragged the smallish a/c from the closet and set it up with a box fan of its own. It wouldn’t do the house not even the living room, but it did manage to keep the cages with cats and kittens cooled off. The animal shelter has graced me with their 8K btu for the time being. I dropped the 10K Whirlpool at Sears..i can’t afford anything even close to that size, so it better get fixed.

After replacing the shift cable on the truck last week, today it insisted on having itself a new U joint installed and now it wants a spedometer sensor and probably some plugs to go with it.

All of these expenses I can accept…the universe likes to dump multiple things on you at the same time….but then there are the fucked up things that i cause myself…after failing miserably to take myself out to eat – the other night at a local bar and grill… $29 for what was effectively half a beer and 5 tiny steak tips… yes a letter was written and mailed… I joined a book club group meeting at a really nice trendy pizza joint in Salem, Ma on Sunday… needless to say it all went sideways…. the kid forgot my order and the kitchen didn’t really make good on the service, so another letter was mailed… i’m getting a lot of stuff written these days, but its all the angry letter type of stuff.

my newest annoyance are the damn lopping shears. my favorite weapon of choice on the rail trial… Craftsman anvil lopping shears with fiberglass handles. the blades are bent. While at Sears I tried exchanging them for another pair, but the employees tried to convince me that they were ‘A’ no longer made, and ‘B’ that the red ones were teh same product…no they had steel tube handles…and still do. I pulled out my iphone and found the correct product online. and proceeded to order the ones I want and had them sent to the store… But my spidey sense is tingling…I already got a text that Sears has received my order… if they pulled it off their shelves..i have seen what they have and its not what i want. I’d rather repair the ones i have.

Why is the universe fucking with me? and what will tomorrow bring?

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