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thats why they are rich and all you do is piss and moan about your sorry life

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come on friend, why so modest? you couldn’t even sign an alias?
News flash: I have all my arms and limbs working and I am above ground, I live in a house with a roof, and in no measure am I in danger of starving to death. That puts me way ahead of most of the people on earth. I’m sorry if you think my life is sorry. I don’t. It’s the one I picked for myself, 28 years ago when I sold my first book. The number of booksellers who live better than week to week is small. Most of them live modestly, making sub-minimum wage. Would I like it to be better? Yes, I would like to have $200 sales every day of the week. Then I think I could go back to eating meat again. Of course I kvetch about shit – the internet is the great water cooler of life. No, I don’t like Rowling. I think she’s a spoiled shite. Basically Bud, if you don’t like the blog why are you reading it? Go find one that tells you how to make a million dollars selling books on the internet, there are at least three of them out there.

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