okay so i lied

I don’t know if it is stress or self indulgence..both i expect, but lately my rationalization gear has been in overdrive and i have been buying whatever strikes my fancy. i am going through a crisis free patch of my life these last few weeks and i think that i can’t handle ‘down’ times. My rationalization for buying this ‘picnic’ basket is that it was A cheap, not counting the shipping…and B, once i add some straps it will fit nicely on the back of my bike like a saddle bag. Now why i can’t be satisfied with using a saddlebag i already have, as a picnic carrying container like a normal person is beyond me And so far it was the only TALL narrow picnic basket i have ever seen Technically that’s three reasons.

I have a new job, granted it is a commission job so I haven’t actually earned any money from it yet, but in my brain I have spent all that extra cash i haven’t earned many times over. I have made lists of all the things i NEED and/or want, mostly things like new underwear, new reading glasses, and a vacuum cleaner that was made after Nixon was in office. So, in my minds eye i can afford to spend a couple of bob on a picnic basket to put on the back of my bike that i won’t be able to use until late spring. I am such a schmuck sometimes.

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