old bookseller trick • pocket knives

Don’t think of this as just a picture of the things in my purse that would warrant me a strip search at an airport, think of this as being ready for any occasion. I am not recommending a particular KIND of pocket knife,even though I find the Stanley 10-049 Knife with the replacable blade superlative, but after spending many years trying to open taped up boxes with my keys or lifting up a naptha soaked label with a box cutter, I found that the right tool for the right job is a more than just sampler text. I try never to be without something that will cut through red tape, packing tape, masking tape etc….it also opens the mail, and carves through all those creative packaging concoctions that ebayers like to come up with. Find one you like and then buy a few of them . . . it will never be found where you last saw it, I swear they migrate when I am not watching.

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