old bookseller trick #1 – self-healing cutting mat.

JMHO – I have been doing this a long time. Whether doing it for myself or for someone else -.I have described a LOT of items: books, sheet music, photographs, ephemera; everything and a ridiculous amount of it really. My own fault I type faster than most people I know. (thank god for spell check eh?) Right this very second I am in the middle of cataloging a large photo archive, 5x7s, 8x10s etc.. and lot of stuff in between. First thing I did was stuff each individual item in its top loader or a polybag – things may slide on to the floor but they are much much safer. The thing I wanted to mention was this: it’s a self-healing cutting mat. Once only found in quilting shops, with the advent of scrap-bookers, (have you CHECKED that cult out? there is NOTHING scrap about that industry) these things easily can now be found in every shape and color. They are not cheap – 20″x24″ is about $25 bucks. But man o’ man are they worth every freaking penny- and not JUST for cutting on, thus saving your desk – but there is no longer a reason to play “who last used the ruler as a backscratcher and where did they put it?” Your measuring device is right there on the desk, under the folders and the unfilled orders and the unopened mail and the cat’s ass…but it IS there.

< ==In case anyone was vaguely wondering what traffic was like around here, it's pretty pathetic. We do swell on days I remind people.

banktoaster Allchars is one of my very favorite FREE programs. I install it on every PC I work at. it’s a tiny shortcut program tha truns in the background, but what it allows you to do, is access most special characters as 3 key combinations. Thus ü is ctrl + ” + u and ¢ is ctrl + / + c.I use it constantly as I type, it’s much easier then remember all the codes for things, cause the combos actually LOOK like the character you are trying to type. £ is ctrl + – + L. Hey, it’s free: ß, ø, °, ¼, ñ, ö etc….

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