old booksellers trick – erase, eraser, erasing, erasure

To err is human, but when the eraser wears out ahead of the pencil, you’re overdoing it. . . . except if you are a bookseller.

This is my eraser collection…or the better part of it. I know I have vented my spleen about this before folks, but it costs almost nothing to clean up your book when you are listing it. I won’t go into extensive eraser detail, basically when you are out and about, always look for erasers and buy the ones you don’t have. When tackling something that ISN’T an author’s signature, start with the white vinyl eraser as it has the least grit and the best chance of removing the typical shmutz found on an endpaper or dust jacket. From there you move on to gummy kind, like the grey rubber and the crepe, then the gritty kind, like the pink, red, and grey ink erasers – eventually if it’s erasable, it will come off. You just have to balance the amout of elbow grease and grit, so you don’t damage the surface. If you have a penchant for ex-library copies and text books, invest in an electric eraser….yes they cost a bundle ($65-80) bucks but they will save you many of hours of your life best spent doing other things. Electric erasers use ‘sticks’, which come in grey ink, red pencil or everybody’s favorite white vinyl which I found surprising.

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