Old Faithful

Last weekend was a holiday weekend and the Census mandated that we work..especially on Monday…now Sunday and Monday were some beautiful fucking days…bright and shiny, not too hot, nice breeze…and i spent it driving around rich white folks neighborhoods trying to get them to take an innocuous survey. On the whole I did okay…still trying to work quickly if not a lot. With the census, if you drag your ass trying to make the work last longer, they will take your caseload and give some of it away…yielding less money in the long run and that would be bad, I still need to get some utilities paid off. Anyhow I did okay and then Tuesday after getting paid running a shit load of errands but truck broke down …like clockwork… my mechanic who is a very accomodating fella, couldn’t see it until yesterday, so for a couple of days I had the option of starting it with..a screwdriver…and as it happens i STILL have the exact Stanley  screwdriver that i spent many months starting my mustang with in college. It needed an alternator and i didn’t have the money then either. I did some hours on the phone so i didn’t loose too much, but no way in hell was i gonna drive around trying to knock on doors popping my hood every time.

Somehow the universe never fails to know when i am getting a little ahead, then it swims up and bites me in the ass. To be fair, i can certainly bite my own ass as well. As I always do when i get a little bit of money, I went a little mad and treated myself to some new unmentionables and some replacement replacement sunglasses. After destroying my expensive pair I tried a five dollar pair with predictable results. I also blew my money frivolusly on pet and human food. Silly human. Then there is the spate of self indulgent purchases a couple of used books, some thriftstore clothing and so forth. I just can’t be trusted with money. EVen the couponing things blew up, as in all the fuss and nonsense of shopping and scewdrivering the ignition, I lost my fat little wallet filled with coupons.

Two paychecks in and i still haven’t tithed the powers that be. Just concentrating on all the little people I need to pay off. The guy in India who does my OCR work, the new guy in India I am engadging to convert SicPress.com to Ecommerce function, a guy i just remembered i owe $40 bucks to for a couple of decent books. etc.. In my world you always pay off real people first. And the mechanic is real people, so he gets paid off pretty quick.

The last week or so I have been very self pitying. A lot of my friends come to me to FIX things for them..and that’s about the only time I hear from them. Find me the proper paperwork to transport an animal across state lines, do some research on this person we are planning a monument to, do some work on this image for me etc… not that I mind, I do like being able to DO things other people can’t. But it would be nice for to be wanted around for one’s self..but you take what you can get. So the Screwdriver goes back into the glovebox for the next time I need to fix something.


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