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film at 11 • Gospel of Judas Surfaces After 1,700 Years.

The illustrator Edward Sorel’s new book on literary figures you don’t want to hang out with.

Why libraries are evil, used bookstores are hardly better, and you should always choose hardcover: .

cast a big net • A project to connect all Australian libraries and their collections will allow readers to find books, copy them or buy them from online stores

mitzvah • Two Sacramento residents have given the Cherokee Nation copies of two important books: History of the Cherokee Indians (1921) by Emmet Starr and D.C. Gideon’s History of Indian Territory (1905).

essay • dark is the new cozy by Wilda W. Williams, new trends in crime novels.

babblefish • get your online news in Latin

cookies • shortlist for the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award.

cherry baby • a NYT style piece on the resilient Cherry Ames.

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