old technology gets me hot

I’m a sucker for vintage slide rules, wooden rulers, pens with nibs, oaken index card drawers, empty register books, typewriters and so forth. I don’t ACTUALLY have to own these things…well not anymore…i still have enough stored under my bed for the day after the day after…but I can get off just looking at them on ebay.

I don’t know why, but I find that old stuff just LOOKS cooler than the new stuff…and one can NOT tell me that a hole puncher or a stapler or a something that merely holds sheets of paper has been improved upon all THAT much in the last century. Cause well lets face it, before the industrial revolution, office equipment consisted of a badly paid schmuck with ink stained fingers and an office register the size of desk blotter.

Right now i am jonesing for a letterpress, I’ll never get one. I know this. But I want one. BTW the image is a pile of copypresses…i can’t imagine why they would be in a pile, perhaps it was engraved the day after Xerox went public.

late addition: McMurtry went public with his affection for his Hermes 3000. for further reading there is

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