oldest bookshop in town

The Boston Globe is running a feature- pointing out the oldest places to work in the Boston area. Places such as Harvard University (1636), London Harness Company (1776), Bell-in-Hand Tavern (1795) and Kenny Gloss’s Brattle Bookshop (1825).

from the Globe – Brattle Book Shop – 1825 – Just about 170 years before Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, somebody had to aggregate and disseminate knowledge. Publishers did the former, and printers and bookstores did the latter. This most-famed of local antiquarian booksellers is located just off Boston Common and still reports more than 250,000 items in stock. It is a treat to visit, and if you want to immerse yourself among literary artifacts old and new, consider investigating opportunities here. In photo at right, owner Ken Gloss.

Brattle Book Shop home page

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