On the Road – Great Barrington Fair

I still need to dig my notes out of the bottom of my bag but here’s some pix.

Most folks take pictures of the front of buildings . . . The 19thc family who built this estate also built a castle in my hometown, so I found the front overly familiar. I find the backsides of things much more interesting.

Most dealers were crammed into the foyer and anterooms (which probably look elegant and spacious when not occupied,) a few of us had the terrace which wasn’t as appealing at 8 am during the rain, but for a few hours there it was delightful, then the sun came out in earnest and fried my substantial backside.

This is the view from the terrace, instead of swans there were wild geese, but alas no croquet wickets.

Same shit, different show. I sold an awful lot of $2 items, just enough to pay my booth rent and expenses. Not enough to retire on.

I didn’t get to ‘see’ all the other booths this fair, every time I went for a walk I ended up jawing with other dealers about repair products. Someone called me the ‘Avon lady’ of book repair, which I thought was a joke until other people advised me to get a cart and go door to door. In actuality I’m becoming more like Dear Abby. Folks explain their book repair dilemmas in great detail and ask what’s to be done. I like it when I tell them to leave well enough alone – makes their eyes bug out. With repair less is more, not everything can be fixed, so BUYING something isn’t always the best option.

I still need to dig out the biz cards from these two booths, so I can give them proper credit. The only things I liked where I was able to snag pictures.

Poster Classics, Hillsdale, NY – vintage poster dealers

T.W. & Barbara Clemmer, Lehighton, PA – used booksellers.

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