one armed paperhanging

I never got a chance to enjoy the $$ I made from the Concord BookFair – it’s all gone.

Feeling lucky I got a table at the Portland, Maine Book Print and Paper Show this weekend (Thanks Bruce). So, of course I had to buy new trunks (hey, it was either that or buy a new vehicle.)

Then I had to find folding bookcase of my own – (thus a trip to the store fixture store)

Then I had to restock everything – unlike running next door to Lowell to get leather dyes – the archival stuff meant a trip to the mother ship out in Holyoke (University Products = 2 hour drive)

But I killed two birds with one roadtrip, as I nipped over to Connecticut to select plastic containers. (I can lower my prices if I bottle my own stuff)
Now I can tackle this pile of paper on my desk from the Cat Rescue folks . . . like a cat in a litter box, you can never cover it all. . . .

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