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mallard ducklings (1)
I got my draft copy of the Methuen photoessay book..most of the pictures looked good. there are a few i’d like to reshoot and some i can’t. But overall i do need to shoot another two dozen to flesh the book out. Perhaps I will take the lazy person’s way out and some corny postcard photos…. I dunno, i just need to keep shooting and try to get it finished before the end of September. So i can get it into the stores for November. Who says I’m dumb?…don’t answer that.

All in all sales are a smidgen amount higher than last year at this time. Which still leaves me time for getting into trouble and working like a dog at things that don’t pay. I swear if I put all the energy into my real work that I put into the non profit stuff I’d be set for life. Yeah but it’d be a boring life.

The Rail Trail had a very good week. a very good week. I discovered that the students at the school abutting the trail built their own makeshift bridge to get to the trail. I have never been so happy to see anything in all my life. I couldn’t find the access point until I saw that. I also found out the city has an easement through the school parking lot to the street. Something i have been looking for since I started this. If you can imagine yours truly doing something between the snoopy dance and a solo conga then I apologize for the image.

On the other side of the coin, the animal rescue group is stretched to its breaking point. I personally collected 3 discarded cats in the last 2 weeks, I am running out of places to hide them. At least the white ‘tom’ cat turned out to be a hermaphradite with a cryptorchid; it never made it home from the vet, as they kept it to adopt it themselves. …and you thought cat rescue couldn’t get weirder.


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