one in – one out.

mixnmatch I have been trying to get OUT OF THE HOUSE since 7 am this morning…. 1st i had to wait until 9 to go get the refilled ink cartridge for the HP5L and listen to the guy and the counter tell me how much faster a new printer would be than my 18 year old model. Then I had to get as much cat and dog food as i could afford from the big box store. About then i took Oreo for her last ride to the vet.


Her x-ray didn’t turn out well, and in the end i spent an hour digging another hole in the yard. She was a nice enough dog, but she really didn’t love me, but i can see her point. just when I thought i’d be able to go out and do some Census hours…. i get a call about a house where they had put rat poison under the stairs trying to get rid of the Mama cat and her kittens. Needless to say it was as dire or evil as it sounded. The homeowners had rescued one kitten and we waited an hour to see if mama would come pick it up and move all her kittens to somewhere sans rat poison. after an hour of hearing it scream, I gave up and took it home. Turns out the orange mama cat who TRULY doesn’t like me, didn’t have a problem feeding a baby who wasn’t hers. The other kittens think the kitten looks weird but they are all eating solid food like its going out of style. Hopefully the mama under the stairs will move her children to someone else… or they grow up and we catch them all in 4 weeks. we will see. As it pack of kittens is growing like topsy.


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