one knuckle rice, two knuckle water

The older i get the smaller my appliances get, go figure. It is probably a combination of downsizing and my loathing to pay the utility companies more than one extra dime. After spending a few days cleaning the cupboards, I felt the urge to cook again. Well i did manage to arrange things in there so i can FIND stuff. Like the tinyness, after use you just shove the whole thing back in the cupboard. Keeps the counter clean, and my ridiculously small badly appointed joke of a kitchen seems bigger.

Obviously i picked up a few canned goods at the big W, so todays menu is Stewed tomatoes for breakfast…the only recipe i know is from a Tom Jefferson cookbook and is the one with sugar and leftover biscuits. I cheated and used already stewed tomatoes and found everything a little too sweet, next time i will use plain canned tomatoes. The tiny rice maker is out to start off a dinner of Hoppin John, I tossed rosemary in the jasmine rice and they house smells pretty good. I have some leftover Ham in the fridge, and I think i may pull out the tiny crock pot to do the deed. Hmm…instead of cooking the cornbread on the side, perhaps i will put some dollops ontop like redneck dumplings? I know I know I am using canned veggies and a cornbread mix..i’m going to hell…sweetie i am going to hell for so many other things, that doesn’t even register. Besides I checked the cupboard i’m out of corn meal, all i found there is white cornmeal for coating green tomatoes and a half cup of polenta. hmmm…smells like tomorrows breakfast.


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