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I have one time done both very little and a great deal this weekend. I have skipped a lot of laundry and package shipping, yet produced several thousand words on both as yet another city project and towards a new book. I don’t know if that’s an equal trade off.

Saturday Animal Rescue Merrimack Valley pulled off a very successful Pet Expo with a lot of other rescue groups present, including ponies. I ended up the day with a terribly migraine and i lost a damn library book. On Sunday morning I went on a 5 mile hike with other rail trail members and ended up with my left foot elevated and on fire for the rest of the day. That was it, aside from those two things i did nothing but type.

Good God I missed having a laptop. How many months did i go without one? 6 months? too long. The Laptop allows me to move around while I type…gone are the years when i could sit in one chair hacking away for days at a time. These days parts of my body either fall asleep or cramp up at the drop of a hat. Sitting in a stuffed chair i still manage to squirm every few minutes to find a comfortable position, i don’t walk enough. Funny when i started working on the rail trail project i was actually walking and riding my bike a hell of a lot more than i am now. The closer we get to actually having a place to recreate the less time i have to actually use one.

I got called in last week by the regional planning authority that oversees my town. Apparently our city fathers have been less that competent when it comes to completing a current open space plan for all the public places in town. We have until the end of the year to create a current one…and they thought of me. Oh Joy, another project I can be responsible for.

So i decided to take all this crap i have been working on these last 3 years and work it into a book. SO far it’s called ‘Civic Housekeeping: a clean home doesn’t stop at the curb’…(with a tip of the hat to Jane Addams) I bet my town isn’t the only one being run by 12 year olds, there must be a lot of folks out there interested in picking up the slack where their municipal services falls down on the job. What do you think?

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