open wide

Lobo the wolf hybrid eventually got here from Kansas….they finally found an animal transport company who moved him quite reasonably and pretty fast. I have some very blurry night shots from his arrival…i would have been better off with the film camera….remind me to save up for a REAL DSLR know the expensive kind..right…But i have some decent images of his visit to the vet for the big snip. I am still tweaking that Kindle article about Evacuating with your pets… i read through the few brochures I got from my contacts at Emergency Management and my article was already not far off the mark. I have been meaning for the last couple of days of doing a final polish..and i have been carrying around the notes from room to room and computer and computer waiting for a moment to actually DO this.

I have to make plans for my next article ….I have to live by my own words and move on to the next article and not dwell on the 1st one until I get so frustrated that i put it aside and never finish it. Ideally if i can squeeze 19 pages out of it…won’t happen. . . it’s only at 9 now…. if i can get 19..then i can make a print version……i could if i throw in the kitchen sink and not drift off the target which is something I have seen other people do with their articles. regardless. i will holler when it’s done.


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