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IMG_0485Okay now i really have blown up a big chunk of the money which  i JUST Got on Friday! my mechanic and i had been having a hard time finding a CHOICE of 8 ft beds, in fact we were having trouble finding any place that were advertising they had any.  Everyone was advertising those indecisive vehicles, with the piddling little 4 and 6ft beds, which in my opinion is just an open trunk.

Basically he threw in the towel and i was on my own. I had described what i needed…i called a husband of a friend who worked at a dealership, and i fell ass over teakettle for the 1st thing he showed me. All he did was drive it out from the behind the building. It was exactly as i described. It’s an ’08 Toyota with 88k miles…and an 8ft bed – see the 10 ft jon boat slides into the bed nicely. No boat trailer required.   and it has a little backseat not a lot of one.

Granted, though i was getting it at a fair price of about 20k, I had to add on about $2000 worth of extras…a running board and bed step, so i can climb into the thing, and a hard bedcover and bed liner. but these will just make the tool more useful for me. In the end, it was what i was expecting to spend for a truck i am going to put another 200k miles on….but since i haven’t gotten the house yet, it was way more than i am comfortable spending.  It has a towing package so now i am thinking of picking up a box trailer..watch out craigslist…with a little cargo trailer, i can absolutely move myself completely, no need to hire anyone.  See what i said, every time i buy something i have to buy something else to go with it!  and when i am done with the trailer I can sell it off.

IMG_0488 Old Faithful red dog here is now decorating someone else’s yard, it will spend its remaining years taking trail trash to the dump. Which it does really well.

It’s nearly tuesday, and I have spent a ridiculous amount of the money I made from selling the house…and i STILL don’t have a place to live yet.   Thursday I have a meetup in Maine with the broker, she’s optimistic about the house, but didn’t mention finding me a rental yet. Perhaps if i press her.  But who is going to rent a house to me as a tenant at will?

If i dwell on it, i will just stir up a panic attack.  I need to go back to working on the new websites, which means..alas spending more money, i placed a few basic orders today, and will send in a couple tomorrow.  I’m being conservative about the volume but i want a wider variety of associated products, especially once i set up a spot to shoot the product videos. While Nate is building me a frame work for the website, my job is to start making up the content….only this way will i have half a chance in hell to start the money flow to go in the OTHER DIRECTION.



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