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I can’t stand being in my own hovel. I am NOT half way home to my dream of owning half as much stuff. and I can’t keep up with the cleaning. two of the cats i adopted out were returned a while back so i have just as many cats as when i started. my living room looks like a hurricane hit it and there is a lot more crap on my porch than when i started.

Yesterday I helped finish a rehab pen for wildlife…presently it is holding a very annoyed goose with a limp. aftewards we got a call to rescue 3 baby possums whose mum had gone squash-you-all-flat. i really couldn’t afford the gas but sometimes you feel the need to get out of your own head and away from your own problems. Next up is a wolf hybrid rescue..he’s in kansas at the moment and needs a new pen and then transport..hey i’m up for that..i’m up for anything that isn’t one of MY problems. other people’s area easier to deal with. you can see them more clearly and solve them more easily..i’m having issues deciding which end of the living room floor to start washing first.

my laptop is back in the shop and it’s going to cost 110 dollars that i know about. sheesh…i could have bought another used one for what i am putting into it. and i do HAVE a pc…otherwise i wouldn’t be able to type this post…but i am spoiled..in my mind i have apparently parsed my work into the two machines…work on this one to do business and emails and such and then after 8 hours move to the comfy chair and the laptop to finish the editing and publishing. I don’t know how i got conditioned that way, but i did. now i have a boat load of editing to do and i despise doing it on this machine. I wish i had one of those lazy boy command chairs with the screen hovering ahead of my eyes…i’d grow as big as a house but i’d get more work done.

meanwhile the end of the summer doldrums is in sight..i think .

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